Skitali – Vaso Hadjoulli Sergiou

Vaso Hadjoulli Sergiou/ Earth full of stars

A video produced under the project Σκυτάλη by Vaso Hadjoulli Sergiou.

It is a beautiful thought to be considering that every living thing on our planet is sharing light from the same sun and is sleeping in the night under the same moon .
Earth as if instructed shrinks to bring humanity closer to interact irrespectively off nationality, religion, appearance, gender or habits.
People are different and yet they're occupying same space under a magical Veil in the same sky.

We are all part of the same planet

Music : Nicos Varnava Diakides and Adonis Sergiou

σκυτάλη (skitali) is an innovative online project that aims to create a video archive able to show and project the progression of an idea. σκυτάλη (skitali), meaning baton, is similar to a relay race; the artist hands over his/her 'work' to the next artist to continue.

The project will create a chain of interrelated videos. All together, these videos form a single narrative. The artist who holds the ‘baton’ can intervene, continue and develop this chain of works. He/she is also the one responsible for choosing the next artist. The artists have two months to create their work.

The project σκυτάλη (skitali) aims to create a platform for video artists all around the world and an archive of those videos. The project does not have any subject/theme restrictions. The videos will reflect the current social, economic and political concerns of the artist.

With the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture