nowwhat.com.cy is an online space dedicated to explore the endless possibilities of web-based art. It is a project-oriented platform aiming to challenge the expected interaction between the user and the media. It hosts works of art created to be experienced primarily online. It intends to provide attainable and exciting opportunities for artists who work with digital media.

Born as an idea in 2014, and first launched in 2016, nowwhat.com.cy is a product of three visual artists, Aggela Chimona, Eleni Skoulia and Chrisanthy Christoforou.


Who we are

The team has the managing and curating role for the website ‘nowwhat.com.cy’. The aim of this team is to provide an accessible international online platform, where people can show their artworks, to be open to discussions between people and the artists involved and to explore various digital mediums.

Their intention is to communicate their common reflections with a critical eye through the medium of art, art itself, the people, the society, the environment etc. This platform has given impetus and space for dialogue between artists, participating artists and the public.

Posing the question ‘nowwhat’ the team starts their first project called σκυτάλη’ (skitali) aiming to explore the prospects of an online digital platform.